karen herrmann

Before working with Katherine, I would move from one nutrition plan and exercise challenge tothe next with great success as a result. However, there was no lasting change and I would nevitably fall back into old habits erasing what had been achieved. I began experiencing severe pain in my feet which caused me to lose motivation for any type of exercise and healthy eating was lacking as well. I found myself in a downward spiral both physically and emotionally. Through Katherine’s coaching I began taking small steps toward better physical and emotional health. She gave me weekly action steps that brought me closer to achieving the goals we had set. Despite my foot pain, I was able to slowly begin exercising. Excitedly, the pain in my feet began to subside. Then through eliminating inflammatory foods on the 14 Day Cleanse, I became completely pain free. I felt exhilarated and had a new zest for life! With the tools I received from Katherine, along with her constant encouragement and accountability I am now achieving my health and wellness goals and beginning to pursue dreams I had not thought possible.

- Karen Herrmann

Katherine is an inspirational Christ centered life coach. I was a student for an online Wellness  Revelation Class Katherine led. With Katherine’s direction and the combined prayers of my  classmates I was able to stop my nightly wine drinking habit. Katherine provided me with  support and accountability needed to reshape my approach to food and fitness. Katherine  embodies all of the traits of an effective coach - life experience, well read, great listener, and a  beautiful compassionate heart. I recommend her to anyone ready to make a Christ centered  life change. 

- Polly Meyer

polly meyer
gisella jennings

When I started eating the way Katherine recommended, I started feeling better, stronger. I  slept better and noticed improvements in my energy levels. I am an ultra distance runner and  the increased energy helped increase my workouts and stamina. Following her guidelines also  improved my skin tone and smoothness. I highly recommend others try Katherine’s coaching.

- Gisella Jennings

 I enjoyed working with Katherine MacLaren, who is a certified health coach. She was our  fearless leader in the “The Wellness Revelation class” that was a journey that puts God first  and foremost. I am a very private person and sharing personal things with others is not an  easy thing for me to do. Somehow, Katherine makes you feel safe, accepted, and she is non judgmental with every breath she takes. I met some ladies from all over the US and really  enjoyed what each person brought to the experience and hated to see our weekly meetings  come to an end. I am looking forward to the next opportunity to work with Katherine to learn  how to be healthy and whole while loving others.

- Paula Lowery

Paula lowery